Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Surrey will trundle again

GBL Wheelchairs came today and collected my (t)rusty wheelchair. I will admit that I was far from optimistic when I saw her being rolled down the path to the gaping maws of the van that had come to take her away. I was sure I had seen the last of her.

But then later on I got a call from Liam, the nice young lad who has always looked after my trundler. The bad news ... the control box was a goner. Well, no surprise there as I had more or less realised that was the problem. But then the darling lad made my heart sing. They had tracked down a spare box and could fit it on and then my wheelchair could come home. We can go trundling again, the pair of us.

She'll be home Tuesday week! And yes, she has a name now. I have decided that her name is Surrey. In memory of the horse that carried Richard III during the Battle of Bosworth field. Richard Plantagenet too was a disabled individual fighting to live in an able bodied world.