Thursday, 17 October 2013

Bad things come in threes

Sometimes I have to go out and yesterday was one of those days. I had to visit an office in Brighton and it wasn't accessible with my wheelchair. So I did the usual ... I parked my wheelchair as close to it as I could, I put it in neutral and put a plastic bag over the controls. The weather is rather unpredictable at the moment.

When I eventually got back to my (t)rusty wheelchair the seat was soaked through but I've had a wet bum before and survived it. What my chair did not survive this time was the fact that some idiot thought the carrier bag I had tied over the controls was there for the removing. My controls were soaked through and the chair wouldn't start.

I managed to get home by getting a wheelchair accessible taxi. I've put the chair in my wet-room with the heating on all night to hopefully dry the controls out. I've had to do that more then once. But that is it ... the controls are all dried out but the chair has had enough. So no more trundling for us. Well, not for the foreseeable future that is. What is really annoying is that these things always happen at the worst possible time.

I must attend court today as I am to be a witness. That is the first thing to worry about. I can get there but I am not sure how I am going to get to the court room as it is extremely inaccessible. Steep chairs just to get to the front door ... ah well, I'll manage somehow and pay the price when I get home. The case is scheduled for a day and a half so I will just have to hope that I will be called today and will not have to attend tomorrow as well.

Lets see what needs doing ...

  1. find out whether the chair can be repaired.
  2. find out how much it is going to be.
and take it from there. Once I have found out how much it is going to be I'll have to figure out how I am going to pay for it. My funds are rather stretched as I have had no income since the 28th of August thanks to ATOS but I have no choice really. Without my 'legs', I am utterly helpless. But maybe I can sell my cooker and I can find another few things I can do without. I haven't really anything of any value as such but hey hop ... Look at it this way girl. You've a chance to do a de-clutter ;-)