Sunday, 21 October 2012

Things that please!

How sad am I ... No, wait. I am serious about this. I am a real sad case and no mistake. On Saturday morning I opened my front door and there ... right in front of my disbelieving eyes ... finally and at long last after 10 months of waiting ... my very own runway to FREEDOM!!! The long awaited ramped access was there waiting for me to take that first step into the great big wide world without first having to heave a 73kg wheelchair over a 19cm threshold.

I was still in my PJs but didn't let that stop me ... there, at 10:45am on the 20th of October 2012, I trundled my wheelchair from the kitchen, through the front room, squeezed round the corner into the hallway and then ... wait for it, wait for it ... I trundled right out of the front door, down my path and to the pavement! It was GLORIOUS! And then, just because I could ... that and the fact that I was still in my PJs and slippers ;) ... I turned right around and trundled right up the path again, through the waiting front door, down the hall, into the front room and ended up with the chair coming to its final halt just in front of its parking and charging station in the kitchen ...

Later that day, I went out to meet my eldest for lunch and a trundling bimble round the charity shops in George Street, Hove. And when I came home, I just sailed in, with my shopping. I didn't realise how much of a difference it made in the pain levels. The level of pain was manageable and though I was tired, it was a good sort of tired and not the sheer exhaustion and excruciating, shoot me now please type of pain, I used to get every time I had to exit the house before.